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Amble relies on our nonprofit and community partners to provide us with creative projects and lodging. If you are interested in bringing Amble to your region, we'd love to chat with you!

If you have creative project needs but no lodging to offer, we are still interested in hearing from you and can help your team identify alternate opportunities.

You can find more information here about what it means to be a community host or reach out to us directly using the link below.

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Working with Amble was a tremendous opportunity and great pleasure for all of us the Mariposa County Arts Council. The creative professionals with whom we were paired took great care to understand the work we do and the community we serve before developing amazing branding assets and UX strategies that beautifully elevated our visibility, increased our outreach efficiency, and built in us the capacity to expand the work started during our time with them.

We are deeply grateful to Amble for appreciating the work being done on the ground by small non profits and connecting us to necessary services and amazing creative professionals who are often beyond our reach.
— cara goger, mariposa arts council

The artwork that was created for Yosemite Conservancy is genuine, professional, and born from time spent under stars, beneath granite cliffs, and in Giant Sequoia groves. We cannot wait to use this art on products in our stores and share it with Yosemite visitors.
— Katie Coit, yosemite conservancy

I was very impressed with the caliber of the content developed by the professionals. I was particularly impressed with how deeply they engaged with our organizations goals and systems and how astute their observations and recommendations were. The insight and guidance provided by the Amble cohort will be directly implementable for our organization and will help us do a better job of reaching the audiences we want to reach, doing so with a professional aesthetic.
— Bridget, Sierra foothill conservancy

I was overwhelmed with the level of skill, acumen and high-level thinking that the Amble creative’s brought to the table.
— Lindsey, Sierra foothill conservancy