Sierra Foothills

Spring 2019


Our spring session took place during a magical time of year in the Sierra Foothills—as lush, vibrant and diverse wildflowers blanketed the landscape and snow melt roared down from the high Sierras, forming magnificent waterfalls seen from nearby Yosemite Valley and rushing down waterways all the way to Clovis, CA where our creatives spent their time.

The Martin Wildlife Preserve—which lays just outside of Yosemite, Kings Canyon & Sequoia National Parks—is a 300+ acre preserve where our creatives called home for their spring sabbaticals, and is owned and managed by our community hosts, Sierra Foothill Conservancy.



We were joined by 4 creatives from the across the USA and Canada, who supported the following types of projects:

  • Branding

  • Content Strategy

  • Narrative Design

  • Engagement Strategy

  • UX Design

Community Hosts

Amble's community hosts are our local partners and collaborators in need of creative services in our sabbatical destinations. These organizations are nonprofits and conservancies whose missions are to serve, protect, and enrich the communities and natural environment around them.

Sierra Foothill Conservancy

From the snow-capped Sierra to the Central Valley floor, expansive landscapes, important habitats, and clean water resources are conserved and managed to ensure continuing public benefits.

SFC is a nonprofit and land trust rooted in the local community with a mission to:

  • Protect wildlife & preserve native flora and historic rangelands

  • Provide educational and recreational opportunities for the community

  • Promote scientific study of foothill ecosystems

  • Maintain open space and beautiful vistas

SFC supports a thriving land-based economy while promoting a conservation ethic that spans generations.


Amble was a great experience for me. I loved being able to have a dedicated amount of time to learn unexpected things, experience a new place, be present in nature, and to revitalize my creativity.
— Mckenzie


The Work

Our team of content strategists, UX/UI designers, product designers, engineers and world-builders embarked on a collaborative discovery process that led to the delivery of individual projects, which included:

  • Visual Brand Style Guide

  • Content Strategy Guide

  • Targeted Messaging Audit & Recommendations

  • Communications + Engagement Audit & Recommendations

  • Website Audit & Recommendations



Learn more about the experience of Amble.


I was overwhelmed with the level of skill, acumen and high-level thinking that the Amble creative’s brought to the table. We are so fortunate to have been selected to host their sabbaticals and reap the benefits of their years of experience in their given fields.
— Lindsey, Sierra foothill conservancy


I was very impressed with the caliber of the content developed by the professionals. I was particularly impressed with how deeply they engaged with our organizations goals and systems and how astute their observations and recommendations were. The insight and guidance provided by the Amble cohort will be directly implementable for our organization and will help us do a better job of reaching the audiences we want to reach, doing so with a professional aesthetic.
— Bridget, Sierra foothill conservancy



Our community hosts provided lodging on the Martin Wildlife Preserve, a private 300+ acre property in Clovis, CA—which is otherwise unavailable to the public. This experience gave our creatives a tranquil respite and an authentic window into living in a rural environment.

This private 4-bedroom, 3 bath ranch style home is nestled amongst the Sierra Nevada foothills and is the original homestead of the Tallman family dating back to 1934. The creatives were also provided access to thousands more acres of private preserved land on nearby preserves.

The preserve is within driving distance from Yosemite, Sequoia & Kings Canyon National Parks and down the road from other SFC preserves.




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