Time away with purpose 

A new kind of sabbatical

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sabbaticals for creative professionals

Creative professionals are increasingly burning out and employers are losing good talent to it. Not everybody has the ability to drop everything and quit their job to backpack around Asia for 3-months, nor do all have the interest. Some of us love our jobs but just need some time away. 

Amble provides one-month sabbaticals in beautiful places across the USA. We partner with nonprofits, conservancies and small towns to provide affordable and unique lodging to top-notch creative professionals in exchange for their skills and expertise.


RECHARGE & relax

Give yourself permission

As creative professionals, often times we don't give ourselves permission or time to recharge and find new inspiration and energy. Instead we focus much of our good energy and time into the benefit of our work, and not our well-being. We shouldn't have to choose between our careers and pursuing the things that make us healthy, happy, and proud.

Amble offers an opportunity to step away, gain new perspective through travel, hone our craft, and rejuvenate our professional and personal selves. 


adventure & community


Amble provides time away in some of our nation's most beautiful natural spaces. Whether in solace, or in the company of your Amble community, we encourage you to get out and explore new places. You might just find your next big idea. 


meaning & purpose

Use your skills for good

Many nonprofits, conservancies and small towns have limited access to good design—financially and geographically. And many creative professionals don't have the opportunity to do work that is meaningful or that aligns with our own interests or values. Amble not only provides an opportunity for time away but also a sense of purpose, creative fulfillment, and impact.



Yosemite National Park

november 1 - 30, 2018 

Wawona & Mariposa

An awe-inspiring place like Yosemite National Park is the perfect place to get away. If you seek adventure, exploration, and the solace of the woods and meadows as John Muir did, Wawona has it all. If you seek the comforts of home in small historic town outside of the park, Mariposa is a treasure.

Amble is partnering with Yosemite Conservancy and Mariposa Arts Council as our community hosts and pleased to accept applications for our pilot program of Amble with locations in Wawona and Mariposa.

Deadline: **APplications closed!**