Time away with purpose.

Short-term destination sabbaticals in beautiful places.


Amble provides affordable one-month destination sabbaticals for creatives in beautiful places across the USA. 

We partner with nonprofits, conservancies, and small towns to provide unique experiences and lodging to top-notch creative professionals in exchange for their skills and expertise on impactful projects.


Who we're looking for

  • Visual Designers & Illustrators

  • UX Designers & Strategists

  • Content Strategists & Copywriters

  • Marketing & Communications Strategists

  • Photographers & Videographers

  • Project Managers & Producers

  • Business Strategists & Operations

  • Web Developers

  • …. and more!

have other skills not listed?

We currently only work with professionals in the creative fields, however we hope to offer opportunities for other folks in the near future!

On a case by case basis, we may offer opportunities that fall slightly outside of a "creative professional" role—based on the needs of the conservancies we partner with. Be sure to sign-up for our newsletter and keep your eyes peeled for those opportunities in future programs!


What we offer

Professional Development

  • Flex your creative muscles and apply your skills & expertise in a new way.

  • Gain confidence, new experiences and projects you can add to your portfolio.

  • Lead a project from start to finish and collaborate with stakeholders.

Purpose-Driven Work

  • Support mission-driven nonprofit organizations who otherwise have limited access to creative resources.

  • Work on meaningful and exciting projects with project stakeholders.

  • Directly support and impact the community and physical environment around you.

For Employers

  • If you're an employer, this is an opportunity to offer a unique benefit to help attract and retain good talent.

  • Avoid employee burnout and frustration of the hiring process by offering an alternative.

  • Provide Amble as an option for employees to use within their educational and professional development budget.


  • Extended stays in unique or exclusive lodging located in beautiful places.

  • Get an authentic view into each destination—the region, the community, and culture.

  • A built-in community—access to people who love and live in each place, and who can provide insider tips on things to do and explore.



Work With Purpose


Amble supports you in setting goals, milestones and outcomes with each community host while ensuring a majority of your time is for your sabbatical.

Your project efforts may look like this:

  • WEEK 1: Discovery Phase

  • WEEK 2 & 3: Project Work Time

  • Week 4: Feedback, Tweaks & Final Hand-off

Collaboration is encouraged during the initial discovery week, however, our creatives are expected to work on and deliver individual projects—unless otherwise noted. You will also be expected to lead projects independently, in an effort to keep your sabbatical time flexible, and our team will be available as a resource if/when necessary.



expectations & Deliverables

The time creating work for your community host should account for around 1/3 of your time—or, roughly 2.5-3 days a week. Think of it as flipping your work week with the weekend. The remaining time should be used however you wish, with the goal of this being a time to recharge and explore! 

Since every project is unique, we will work with you and the community host to establish the final project scope and expectations around timing and deliverables. You will be expected to attend and actively participate in the following meetings:

  • Kick-Off Meeting

  • Weekly Check-In’s (with the Amble team)

  • Final Presentation

If you fail to attend these meetings and/or deliver the previously agreed upon project, you will be charged a penalty fee which will be made as a donation to the community host that has provided staff time, energy and lodging to accommodate your sabbatical experience.



Accommodations & Rates

Each sabbatical experience is unique and each of our partners provide one-of-a-kind, exclusive and affordable accommodations. Whether a cabin, private home, or vacation rental, all of our lodging is outfitted with a bed, bed linens, kitchen, and a bathroom.

Our community host’s are often located in rural areas, so while we do everything we can to make these spaces as functional and comfortable as possible, expect the unexpected and come with a sense of humor and a patient, flexible mindset.

Each space and experience is unique so we encourage you to visit our Upcoming Sabbaticals page to learn more about specific accommodations and rates.


Because your best ideas come
when you take time away.

There's a whole big world out there—get out and explore it! Many of us spend most of our days working, inside at our computers, and daydreaming about the places we'd rather be. Amble offers the benefits of travel – perspective, inspiration and new experiences – while also providing professional development. This experience allows you to hone your craft, work on purpose-driven projects and flex your creative muscles in new ways.

And it might just unlock your next big idea.




Amble provides one-of-a-kind opportunities to authentically experience unique places and support the community around you. Each session includes:

  • Exclusive lodging for one full-month

  • Programming for participants (i.e. naturalist and guided hikes, one-of-a-kind tours, activities, etc)

  • Coordination and management of program

    • Project direction (discovery, scoping, sourcing, etc)

    • Project management (coordinating, planning, operations, etc)

    • Project support (advising, guidance, assistance as needed)

    • Program coordination (activity sourcing, lodging and program logistics, etc)

* Transportation and meals are not included.


We are unable to provide refunds once payment is processed. In the event of conditions outside of our control, which make locations unsafe or inaccessible (i.e weather or natural occurrences), we can provide reimbursements or credit to book a future sabbatical.



Glacier National Park


Applications are now closed. Sign up for our newsletter for updates on our next program!



Yosemite National Park

Fall 2018

We were joined by 6 creative professionals from across the country to kick off our pilot program in Yosemite National Park, where they worked with Yosemite Conservancy and Mariposa Arts Council on impactful visual design, UX, and content strategy projects.

Sierra Foothills

Spring 2019

We were joined by 4 creative professionals from the USA and Canada in the Sierra Foothills, just outside of Yosemite, Kings Canyon and Sequoia National Parks. They worked with the Sierra Foothill Conservancy and developed strategic recommendations for their brand, communications, content strategy, and member engagement.